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All equipment comes with at least 1 year parts and labour warranty.

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  • Catering Trailer Manufacturer

    LPG Griddles, Parry griddles, Lincat griddles

    Catering Trailer Manufacturer LPG Fryers
    Burger Trailer Manufacturer LPG Bain Marie
    Burger Van Manufacturer LPG Water Boilers, LPG Catering Urns, Burco Dean Water Boilers, Parry Water Boilers.
    Catering Trailer for sale LPG Gas Chargrills
    New Catering Trailers LPG Gas Ovens
    Catering Trailer Manufacturer LPG Potato Ovens, Victorian Baking Ovens Pickwick LPG, Parry Plus LPG Gas Potato Oven
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    All of our equipment is CE marked and professionaly installed and certified. We have a complete range of each of the above categories or can source any specific equipment that you would like.
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